Using only soap and water to wash bins might seem like a great idea but in reality – it isn’t. First, it does almost nothing to the germs present in your bins and secondly, you’ll be exposing yourself to endless bacteria. Our professional bin cleaning services ensures that your bins are not only cleaned but thoroughly sanitized to remove the harmful bacteria!

Even though we offer a wonderful array of affordable bin cleaning options, we recommend that bins be cleaned at least one a month

Yes, they are. At Extreme Bin Cleaning, eco-friendly is more than a slogan to us! From our cleaning solution to our cleaning agents, we strive to ensure that all parts of our bin cleaning process are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Once we’re done, we’ll put stickers on cleaned bins to let you know that your bins have been cleaned. You don’t even have to be present at the time of cleaning – we’ll take care of everything!

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